Academic Curriculum

Our unique curriculum uses the best of the latest English National Curriculum. Based on the needs of our students in Beijing, we have carefully identified which elements from the Curricula will boost our students' personal, social and academic achievement most effectively. This curriculum is designed to ensure that PEC's pupils reach their full potential and become learners who have the creativity and confidence to thrive in an increasingly international world. The increased focus on grammar and English language in the new English Curriculum has been particularly effective for our students for whom English is a second language. 

Students also use technology to enhance their learning experience through an interactive programme of academic development that is complemented by iPads. Students communicate directly with their teacher and peers outside of class, complete homework and use educational apps, ensuring that your child’s learning won’t stop when they go home.

The Weekend Classes

Our weekend classes offer our most immersive and effective programme of learning. Taught by qualified teachers, it follows the New English curriculum, specifically tailored for our students in Beijing. As in an English or International School classroom, children will learn a range of subjects and skills, with the overriding focus on developing their English speaking, reading and writing skills. Since we have a maximum of 12 pupils per class, this allows our teachers to devote more of their time and experience to your child, focusing on specific gaps in your child's knowledge, tailoring their learning personal learning and boosting progress.

Our classes are spread between three stages:

Reception Class:

From the early stages of English language development, we ensure that students are secure in their basic phonic understanding before they progress into reading and writing. We offer our students a safe and fun environment, where play and independence are encouraged. This is a key stepping stone before the move further up the school.

Lower School: 

The early stages of the UK curriculum give students their first exposure to key texts. They recognise the importance of reading, writing and spelling as they become more independent in these areas. Our students are encouraged to become confident speakers through the rich topics of study offered.

Upper School: 

Our older students delve deeper into the grammar and formalities of writing, speaking and reading. They are exposed to a wider variety of rich, emotional literacy, inspiring them and giving them a passion for learning which boosts their progress. This allows for a broader learning experience, encompassing a range of topics and subjects.