Academic Team

At PEC, we believe that to fulfill our pupils' potential, we need the best teachers. Our UK team rigorously assesses and interviews potential teachers, ensuring that the teachers in PEC Beijing and elsewhere are committed, proven and inspirational practitioners. Our teachers are committed to ensuring progress for all of the learners in their classes. They use their experience and professional knowledge to identify and close specific gaps in pupils' knowledge and boost learning and achievement in all areas. 
Our UK team assists with the recruitment of our teachers and helps us to keep up to date with the latest educational developments in the UK and abroad.

Mr Gobat    

Mr Gobat was a successful Headmaster of a Preparatory school in England for many years and brings a wealth of experience to our team. Mr Gobat directs the recruitment process, ensuring the teachers in our schools are of the highest personal and professional calibre. He also provides strategic consultation for our teams in the UK and China.

Mr Thomas 

Mr Thomas previously taught at PEC in Beijing and is currently teaching in the UK. Together with Mr Gobat, he is closely involved in the recruitment process, as well as ensuring PEC remains at the forefront of educational developments. Mr Thomas is also developing PEC's online educational programme, in conjunction with Miss Fitzgerald.

Miss Fitzgerald   

Miss Fitzgerald previously taught at PEC in Beijing and is currently teaching in the UK. An Early Years specialist, Miss Fitzgerald is currently developing a phonics and reading programme tailored for the needs of PEC's students.