About Us

Established in 2012 in Beijing, PEC employs professionally trained and qualified teachers, the majority of whom are from the UK. Based on the British Preparatory school system, we use the new English National Curriculum and expertly tailor it to the unique needs of our students. Over five short years, we have grown into a vibrant community where the strong links between teachers and parents ensure that our pupils realise their personal and academic potential and become happy, confident and creative learners who feel at home in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments. We promote excellence in all areas and seek to ignite the flame of love for learning through inspirational, challenging and creative teaching. 
Prestige Education Centre provides a unique educational experience. Our creative and engaging approach places the child at the heart of our teaching; we aim to develop confident and creative learners with the skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly international world. Our team of fully trained and qualified professional teachers tailor their teaching to your child's individual needs, and our unique class ratio of maximum 12 children to one teacher ensures that every child has the attention and support they need to realise their unique potential. Whether your child is preparing for the move from a local Chinese school to an International School, searching for extra tuition for international examinations such as IGCSE, or seeking to enrich their existing knowledge and skills in an immersive and professional classroom environment, PEC can provide the best opportunities for them.