The Curriculum

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PEC will provide your child with a unique educational experience. We will develop your child’s English fluency, independent thinking skills, creativity and confidence through engaging and rigorous lessons.

Since many of our students hope to study overseas or go on to international schools in China, PEC provides the ideal conditions for transitioning between the Chinese and International School system.

Our unique class ratio of maximum of ten children to one teacher ensures that your child’s specific needs are recognised and their potential realised.

The Weekend Classes
Reception Class: From the early stages of English language development, we ensure that students are secure in their basic phonic understanding before they progress into reading and writing. We offer our students a safe and fun environment, where play and independence are encouraged. This is a key stepping stone before the move further up the school.
Lower School: The early stages of the UK curriculum give students their first exposure to key texts. They recognise the importance of reading, writing and spelling as they become more independent in these areas. Our students are encouraged to become confident speakers through the rich topics of study offered.
Upper School: Our older students develop deeper into the grammar and formalities of writing, speaking and reading. They are exposed to a wider variety of rich, emotional literacy allowing our students to invest in the characters. This allows for a broader learning experience.

Below is a copy of the 2016/2017 curriculum.